About Us


Hello there! My name is Dave Fortin. Me and my beautiful fiance Jenni, have 4 children...well... fury children. Buddy the black lab, Oxyana and Bruce the cats, and the newest addition to our family, Austin the Australian Shepard. We love our animals, and we assume you love yours as well.

We created a drop-shipping store, where you can find beds, collars, costumes and more for them, and lots of fun stuff to express your love in your own style. Our products are drop-shipped directly from China, right to your mailbox, giving you great quality for a great price! We even have a tracking page where you can track your package.

Our Policies

  • Free Shipping on all orders! Who doesn't like free shipping?
  • 30 Day Return. We allow 30 days after a purchase, to initiate a return and receive a refund (Please email us within 30 days with your full name and and order number, and we will refund your order as soon as we receive your package.
  1. If you would like to make a return, but have already used the points from that purchase, a refund will be given in points when the item is received. Ex: $10 = 1000 Points.
  2. If you have made a purchase with points, and you wish to return that item, the points you used will be returned to you when the item is received.

     Love Thy Dog

    One of my best friends growing up was most definitely my dog Charlie. He got me threw hard times. When I was feeling down, just his face saying "I'm here for you always", gave me hope. We don't realize it sometimes, but dogs can be the foundation of our lives.  They can be our play pal in times of fun, give us the strength we need to press on, and our rock we need if we fall. One thing is for sure, we can always count on them to share their innocent love and happiness, whenever and wherever. Appreciate that bundle of fur & joy, because no matter what, they will always appreciate every moment with you.

     Email For Returns, Refunds, & Questions